ASRI’s hospital and two clinics in Borneo are in urgent need of stable and efficient electricity to be able to help people who need care. Due to the coronavirus, their load has increased dramatically and to survive the pandemic and gain access to more oxygen, electricity is required.

In early 2021, EnergyAid installed solar panels and battery backup at ASRI Hospital in Sukadana, Borneo. The solar panels and battery backup supply the hospital with sustainable electricity and make the hospital’s daily operations work. However, due to the coronavirus, the situation has once again become uncertain and the workload has increased dramatically at both ASRI’s hospitals and two smaller clinics. The hospital and clinics need access to more electricity to enable a larger amount of oxygen because the oxygen concentrators need a constant supply of electricity.

By installing solar panels and battery backup at the hospital in Sukadana and the small clinics in Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park in Borneo, they will be able to save more lives.