Now you have the opportunity to be involved and contribute to many vulnerable children and adults in Rwanda having a better life.

Today, fossil fuels (diesel) are used to produce electricity for the Mckinnon washing plant for coffee beans, where many of the country’s coffee farmers come to wash and sell their beans. Through this project, today’s fossil energy will be replaced with renewable solar directly from the roofs of the houses, in addition the facility will be equipped with a large battery backup that supplies the facility with electricity at night and days without sun.

In the next step, the solar cells will also provide the plant with the opportunity to purify drinking water, which the farmers can take home after they have sold their beans.

The company RWACOF, which runs the laundry, is a lokal coffee company that promotes trade from farm to roastery. They work to create social impact and work actively to improve the situation for women in the country.

Rwanda is a small country in East Africa with coffee as the second most important export product. Coffee cultivation provides for over 355,000 coffee farmers and their families. An estimated 90 million coffee trees grow in the country on plantations that occupy a total of more than 35,000 acres of arable land.

This initiative is a collaboration between EnergyAid, Öresundskraft and Zoégas.